Tutti Fruity Shine Lip Gloss- Decorative Wand Tube


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Wand Tube Lip Gloss

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Made With: Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coloring, and Flavoring. **Important: When using any cosmetic product completing a patch test before use is recommended**

Product Size: 6ml Wand Tube

Say Hello, to our Tutti Fruity Shine Lip Gloss! This is a clear lip gloss with a hint of sparkle with a whole lot of shine. It is made using lip enhancing oils to provide nourishing lip care maintenance with every application. Tutti Fruity smoothly glides on your lips leaving them feeling soft and sweet! If you love to have your lips popping with shine Tutti Fruity Shine Lip Gloss does not disappoint. All this shine and sweet flavor are delivered in a 6ml decorative Ring Pop Style Wand Tube so you can gloss up in style! 


So go ahead and add this one to your cart to get your lips popping and smacking today!! Happy Shopping! 💋💄



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