Get to Know Us!

Charmaine WilkesCharmaine Wilkes, Owner/CEO of MainelySweetz Creations

Hello there! It is very nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself my name is Mrs. Charmaine Wilkes, and I am the owner/operator of MainelySweetz Creations Virtual Shop. I would love to share a little bit about me and my shop goals to create a great customer shopping experience, so here I go! 

I hold many titles in this life such as mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend, and now adding entrepreneur/businesswoman to the list. I am excited to share this journey with you the customer by producing the best product quality as humanly possible, enhancing customer service with every purchase, and listening to you the customer for improvements and products that meet your needs and wants for the shop. I love this new title of business woman and I accept everything that entails with open arms. I created this shop in mind to help others to remember that "You are Enough so treat yourself!".

MainelySweetz CreationsOur Store Vision and Goals:

MainelySweetz Creations is a small business that plans to grow with expanding products, improving customer service, emphasizing on sanitary and cleaning processes with all products produced and sold in the shop. I aim to create a shopping experience that is fun but simple that you would love to share with friends and family.